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Greases are semi-solid lubricants that are used to provide long-lasting lubrication to moving parts in a variety of machinery and equipment. Unlike oils, greases have a thicker consistency, which allows them to stay in place and provide continuous lubrication, even under conditions of high vibration or shock. Greases are typically made up of a base oil, a thickener, and various additives to improve performance, such as oxidation inhibitors and rust inhibitors. They are used in a variety of applications, including automotive, industrial, and marine, and are available in different types, such as lithium-based, sodium-based, and complex soap-based, each formulated to meet specific needs and operating conditions. The choice of grease depends on factors such as temperature, load, speed, and exposure to moisture and chemicals.

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Torco Oils Pvt Ltd has been ISO certificate of registration for lubrication to all facets of automobile and industry with lubrication engineering expertise to develop and custom design wear protection specific to any application.