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About Us


TORCO OILS Certified quality that keeps you moving. We are all looking for reliability and performance from our vehicles and equipment, whether competing in a long distance off road race or merely going to the local convenience store. TORCO OILS has a high quality range of products which offers both reliability and performance while catering for all customer needs. From long haul truck drivers to mining operations, from taxi’s and public transport operators to your very own pride and joy at home, TORCO OILS Lubricants are at your service. TORCO’s dedicated team of experienced experts work harder and longer to ensure that we deliver on our promise to guarantee you certified quality lubricants which keeps you moving.

We are best known since last 30 years for our finest quality Automotive and industrial lubricating oil & Greases.

TORCO OIL & GREASES offer optimum lubrication to all facets of automobile and industry with lubrication engineering expertise to develop and custom design wear protection specific to any application

Our state of art blending facilities employ only the finest quality and most advanced equipments. Blending optimum quality lubricants from the finest quality Base stock and Additive systems internationally designed, formulated and blended by the most qualified Petro chemists, Greases experts and lubrication engineers.